A bio of Hanyi Xie

Hanyi Xie, also known as “Squash” or “Silly Strong”, is an expert at English compositions. Xie is famous for his innovative method of composition writing called “Mixture Writing“ which randomly combines the sentences from a few of the compositions to create a masterpiece. This is not the end, Xie’s method has an enormous advantage: by following Xie’s method, one can complete a decent piece in less than 5 minutes, which allows him to get the composition finished simply within a class break.

If you think “Mixture Writing“ is his only innovation, you’re totally wrong. Recently, Xie introduced a brand new approach of composition writing called “Writing Helper“. With the “Writing Helper“ service, one can trade with a classmate for a finished piece in a quality that matches his level. As you see, this article is written under Xie’s order. With this new approach, one can never write a English composition except for exams.

Xie is still researching for a more effective and simpler way of composition writing and more creations will be introduced shortly.